BizCloud Konnect

What is BizCloudKonnect?

Manage your accounts, anywhere, anytime, and any device.

Business Accounting Solutions like Tally, Marg etc. have proven to be an accounting geek to many businesses. It has certainly reduced tons of burdens on various accountants and auditors and at the same time provides more effective accounting assistance. Business Accounting Solutions makes your accounting easy and helps you to analyse your company's performance and position precisely.

Business Accounting Solutions being an effective tool for accounting, it also brings its need of maintenance of its hardware and software. This at the other hand is also a complex activity to carry on as it could divert you from your main course of action. Well, this has a solution too.

BizCloud Konnect is a cloud platform for Business Accounting Solutions, where all you need to do is have a Tally or Marg license and run your account anywhere and anytime, from any device having any OS. We and our VPS services make use of the efficient services of cloud technology which makes your Business Accounting Solution running in a virtual manner. With BizCloud Konnect, Tally customization is also making its ways to prove as a beneficial tool for businesses. BizCloud Konnect has a wide range of features with comprehensive and complete ERP solution, providing a proper business management suite. Also, with GST's implementation, accounting system has adapted to the changes and have made it easier for the businesses to file GST.


Why BizCloudKonnect?

Discover your path to go!


Seamless Access

Access your business accounting data as easy as you are working in your own office.



Bring all your customization with you everywhere. We can even customize the application for you.



We have automated the Backup of your data, so you need not to worry about it!


Secure Browsing

We are using 128-bit SSL Security used by all financial institutions like Banks.


Cloud-Based System

You are on a Private Cloud so your data is fully secured.


Encrypted Contents

All you data is encrypted and no one can get the physical data. Be Assured!


Who is benefited?

Who is benefitted? It's you, really!

  • Revenue recognition increased 45%-65%.
  • Reporting time, resources used decreased to 70%-90%.
  • Time to close financial books declined from 75%-90%.

  • Greater visibility of accounting data.
  • Save time, money and effort.
  • Seamless & Easy access of accounting Data.
  • Easy coordination and Reporting.

  • Greater visibility of accounts.
  • Save time, money and effort.
  • Time to close financial books declined from 75%-90%.
  • Seamless & Easy access of accounting Data.