What is Smart Web?

Powerful and Effective Websites for your Organization to save your Time, Money, Effort and enhance your Performance & Revenue

You know, how important your organization's website is? It's an essential tool for Clients, Staff, Vendors and Government, in addition to being key to finding the best prospective Clients. Can your IT staff provide you with a great site? Not, if it's like most of the organizations we've encountered. It's just not a good fit for their skills and priorities. What about vendors or staff? Unless you are very lucky, they aren't going to have the requisite skills either, nor can you count on them being around year after year to keep everything running smoothly.

A professional quality website requires a professional team. That's where IBPT comes in. The Smart Web provides a powerful, turn-key solution for your websites. With features such as Product and Services listings, your top clients, your team and complete company profiles, project undertaken, news and events pages, inquiry forms, and resource databases, users of the Smart Web System get a powerful, refined set of features at a very affordable cost.

You might get a design of comparable quality from a local web designer or agency, but it is likely to either fall short in features or be too expensive. And designers and agencies typically don't want to maintain and support sites for the long term.


Why Smart Website?

Discover your path to go!


Easy to Navigate

Your website is where the majority of people will form their initial impression. We have carefully crafted to be easy for your clients to use.


Easy to Update

Smart Web sites are easy for non-technical staff to update, using only a browser, while automatically maintaining the site's design.


Beautiful Design

Beauty may only be skin-deep, but when it comes to websites it very strongly influences first impressions.


Fully Adaptive/Responsive

Smart Web sites work beautifully on phones and tablets, as well as on computers. All our sites look professional and polished.


Magnify Your Web Impact

The Smart Web is one of the most potent tools available for mission-based organizations.


No IT Skills Required

Smart Web manages and hosts sites in its proven, custom-built CMS, which makes it easy to update for anyone with an admin login.


24x7 Support for Clients

Smart Web provides great platform for 24×7 hours customer support to your customers even you are not physically present there.


Save Time, Cost & Effort

By using Smart Web, you can save your time, cost and effort, which was getting wasted in providing regular information to Clients manually.


Organization's Marketing

Around more than 2.4 billion people use internet and many of them make their decisions online. Smart Web bringing traffic to your website.


Social Media and SEO

Smart Web integrates Social Media and SEO features, which is providing even bigger opportunity to captivate wider audience by using search engines and online advertising.


Safe & Secure

By using latest, innovative technology for the system we are ensuring safety & security of the data. Role-based access to important information is provided.


Competitive Edge

Our solution provides the edge over your competitors who are less innovative. 21st century learning embraces critical and innovative thinking, team work, communication, leadership and self-direction.

Who is benefitted?

It's you, really!

Discover your path to go!

  • Improve the brand image.
  • Improved communication by Broadcasting information.
  • Save money on printing, toner, photocopies and sending physical letters.
  • Be available all the time.

  • Improved Customer experience.
  • Get access to important materials, anywhere, anytime.
  • Extends learning by sharing information and ideas.
  • Just in time information about the organization.

  • Keep vendors well-informed.
  • Transparent working system for corporate governance.
  • Grievance resolution system without any partiality.
  • Service rendering & feedback. Service Tracking becomes easy.

Get it done!

How to implement?

Various plans crafted as per your requirement!