Solutions Implementation


Enable Change, through IT.

Solution Implementation involves the identification, adaptation, and implementation of new and enhanced future-proof business and technical scenarios. It is designed to separate technical installation from business innovation and uses SAP Solution Manager to implement innovation within the system landscape.

For any solution, the proof is in the productivity. From goal setting, implementation to go-live, we’re in lockstep with you all the way to make sure you’re up and running and leveraging your solution as fast as possible.

Our Services

Getting your initiative on the right track.

After getting our solutions, you are ready to see your effort pay off and start getting value from it.

Understanding your needs

Our technology and solutions are disruptive, but not our implementation process. That’s because we take the time to listen and comprehend your needs, then respond quickly and accurately. We want to know what you expect from your solutions.


Defining success

We’ll start by helping you establish goals and success criteria so we have something to measure against. Regular calls and meetings begin with a review of those objectives, with status updates to track implementation progress.


Ensuring success

As the implementation and launch get closer to go-live, user training kicks in via Web conference or on-site, and a detailed plan is provided. The launch phase concludes with the implementation manager collaborating with your client success manager.


Turn on Productivity in your team

Whether it’s one or multiple solutions, or our entire integrated platform, we’ll help you implement exactly what you need to take full advantage of our solutions. Incorporating vision, insight, control and confidence in every business decision.


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